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Water Treatment ; to provide necessary impact we have to filtrate water from harmful components. With our water purification systems, we filtrate water without changing its natural structure. We work with high quality materials, use last technologic techniques, well educated team. Today providing clean water is an essential problem. We work to produce high quality machine that provides clean, purified, softwater, purewaterand ultra purewater.

Ultrafiltration ; ultrafiltration water treatment systems is one of the most perfect technique of the filtration systems, that provides sufficient purity without changing the value of pH and chemical structure of water.

Reverse Osmosis; water purification techniqueis used for pure water and ultra püre water filtrations system thac can not be removed by standard water treatment processes. Reverse osmosis water treatment system is used desalination of sea water, high hardness and conductivity water type.

Softening ; is a chemical filtration system. Softening water treatment process takes calsiyum and magnesiumions which cause hardness in the water. Water soften in system has softening resin which includes Sodiumions that keep Ca and Mg ions.

Filtration ; filtration is achemical treatment system as a standard pre-treatment process. These systems filter the water - sediment, sand and clay - like substance from the inside of the water. Water filtration help staste, odor and providing quality purified water.

Waste Water Treatment ; based on less energy and cost to ensure maximum efficiency, by prepared engineering calculations, the system are established in are as where there is a shortage. Choose plants that can be used with out the need for specialized staff is prepared according to the system. More hotels, factories, hospitals, large groups that are used in residential areas.


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